Greativity Group

We look for projects with growth potential. We find synergies and connections where none seem to exist. Our holding partner network adds expertise and energy exactly where it is needed to ensure that the expected growth potential is fulfilled and maximized.

Who we are

Greativity Group, founded in February 2013 by Jan Vyskocil, focuses on finding and developing innovative projects. It operates primarily in the Czech Republic, and since its inception it has acquired over a hundred business entities. It entered the Slovak market in 2021 with the takeover of the Steiger brewery.

The Group is led by 14 project managers under the leadership of CEO Jan Vyskočil. Greativity focuses on supporting innovative projects with the potential for paradigm change in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, services, agriculture, consulting and new technology development. Although not primarily focused on environmental projects, it has several in its portfolio.

In the non-profit sector, Greativity Group is involved in supporting young artists (Theatre Nes8) and sports activities for the general public, especially for teenagers (Next Touché).

Management of the holding

Martina Hyndráková - media contact
František Srb

Financial Officer

Martina Hyndráková - media contact
Jaroslav Antos

Marketing Officer

Martina Hyndráková - media contact
Jiří Krňávek

Project Officer

Jan Vyskočil, CEO Greativity Group
Jan Vyskočil, CEO Greativity Group

Jan Vyskočil, CEO of Greativity Group, is a prominent figure in the consulting and advisory services sector in the Czech market. He specializes in strategic consulting, internal audits, M&A and tax advisory.

In 2007, he founded ATERRA, providing services in the Financial & BPO Consulting, Tax Consulting and Accounting segment for a wide range of clients, including foreign ones.

In 2013, he further expanded his business reach by establishing the Greativity Group, an investment group focused on innovation and growth opportunities across the industry spectrum.

In addition to his career, he is devoted to his family, theatre, film and supporting children's sports, especially fencing.