Acquisition 2023

Project Diabot

The number of diabetics in the Czech Republic has exceeded 1 million, and is growing. Every year in the Czech Republic about 60 thousand people become newly ill with diabetes. Almost a third of them experience other complications, including neuropathy and ischemia.

That's why we invested in Diabota.
We have helped develop a non-invasive medical device that insurance contributes to.
Now we're making life more comfortable for diabetics.

Uncompromising quality. Functional design. Designed by experts.
The Diabota is especially great for workers in professions where long periods of standing or intensive walking are required. Salespeople in the shops, cooks and waiterswho spend their days standing and walking around shops or restaurants. Teacherswho stand mostly in front of the board and move around the classroom. Pindustrial or logistics professionalswhose job involves long periods on their feet with frequent movement around large warehouses or production lines. Pcarriers and deliverersbut also dozens of others. For all these professionals, Diabota is an invaluable tool.

Project Diabot