GG OMIKRON s.r.o. je poradenskou a konzultační společností se specializací na mediální prostor.

On 5 January 2024, an electronic auction of the tender for the award of rights to use radio frequencies in the 174-230 MHz band was held. Greativity Group joined the auction through its subsidiary GG Omikron.

The Czech Telecommunications Office (CTU) managed to auction all 29 frequency sets, i.e. 27 regional multiplexes in addition to the two nationwide networks. The auctioned frequency blocks were divided among all 8 participants in the tender. GG Omicron was successful in the auction.



Jan Vyskočil, CEO Greativity Group

We see the investment in digital broadcasting as a medium to long-term investment. The aim of our participation in the auction was to enter the market early and open the possibility to start operating the networks. One of the parameters of our auction strategy was to cover population-heavy territories at a reasonable price per frequency allocation.

We are currently awaiting written notification. Subsequently, we will start negotiations with several possible partners on the market. In the implementation of the project we will take into account the conditions we accepted when entering the auction, but we will follow the motto "better than fast".

Jan Vyskocil

CEO Greativity Group