Acquisition 2023

NeraAgro Technology s.r.o.

It is a spin-off company, founded together with the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice in 2023.

In the last decade, the Czech Republic has experienced significantly warm and dry weather, which has contributed significantly to the development of the bark beetle calamity. The bark beetle calamity gradually spread from northern and central Moravia through the Highlands to southern, central and northern Bohemia.

The decay of spruce forests in the listed areas is mainly caused by the spruce beetle and the northern spruce beetle, which are sometimes accompanied by the glossy beetle. All of these species are considered calamitous under Czech legislation.

With the onset of the bark beetle calamity and the change in bark beetle activity due to warmer and drier weather, existing methods of monitoring bark beetle activity are no longer sufficient. Currently, there is no effective method of monitoring bark beetle activity in advance of calamitous swarming, which can distinguish between trees to be removed and trees to be retained in the forest stand, and which, by its accuracy, would reduce the impact in terms of the economic aspect of the matter, the natural regeneration of the forest and the aesthetic aspect of the forest stand.

The Wireless Bark Beetle Monitoring Probe meets exactly these requirements. It is a new technical solution that is not available on the market.

Jiří Krňávek, Project Officer Greativity Group

I am thrilled to be working with a leading Czech university and their team of passionate scientists. This is the first ever technology transfer in which Greativity Group, SE is directly involved.

NeraAgro Technology s.r.o.