Smart Construct Technologies, s.r.o.

Smart Construct Technologies s.r.o. focuses on environmentally friendly, cost-effective and yet highly efficient solutions for the construction industry. The company brings to the Czech Republic technologies verified from load-bearing operations abroad and provides expert service in the Czech language.

Cells that save material

The construction industry is plagued by a number of problems, including a shortage of materials. One way to deal with this is through technologies and practices that allow material savings without compromising the performance of the building. This is the direction SmartConstruct has taken, using its patented Presto Geoweb geocell invention. This has been around since the 1970s. "It is a system that is able to save significantly on aggregates. It's used in the world, but not so much here, the engineers are conservative," says Tomas Valent, business
Director of SmartConstruct.

The cellular technology is powerful, yet simple. Through a network of 3D interconnected cells, the filling is constrained and thus resistant to movement. The system provides strength and stabilization for a range of surfaces - from roadways to steep embankments. Presto's system, on which SmartConstruct is based, is the industry's most comprehensive geocell system designed with fully developed components that
can withstand the toughest challenges on the job site. It is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and offers the highest and longest performance of any geocell system in civil use.

"Geocells create new static moments, we are not used to that here, we still use concrete slabs where the force is pushing from above and at the bottom they measure how much force is transferred to the surface. But geocells distribute the forces spatially. That's something completely new. Planners, architects and developers need to learn that the possibility is there. So we're doing a lot of education to get the word out about new materials
to get where they need to go. But I guess it's going to take time, we're fighting the big concrete giants," says Tomáš Valent, aware that good ideas are not always easy. Even if they have been common abroad for fifty years.

Greativity Group - investment projects - Smart Construct Technologies
Greativity Group - investment projects - Smart Construct Technologies
Jan Vyskočil, CEO Greativity Group

Although Greativity does not explicitly focus on projects with a visible environmental dimension as a common denominator, it has several in its portfolio. We support innovative projects, ideas that have real potential to bring a paradigm shift in their field. And we are not "eco-hygienists" - the selected projects must also make sense economically.

Jan Vyskocil

CEO Greativity Group

Smart Construct Technologies, s.r.o.